Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vocal Coach For Ratna MENTOR

 TV3's reality show MENTOR had just started and for 2 weeks Ratna , protege of Afdlin Shauki didn't get good remarks & marks from judges. Ratna still has 2 rounds of battle to show the Malaysian audience of her capability as a versatile performer.

Ratna's MENTOR Afdlin Shauki is doing all he can to see Ratna succeed. We've detected Ratna's weakness & strength during this first session. This week onwards Ratna will continue her intensive vocal training under the coaching of Cikgu Siti Hajar......

Well , as for me.....I finally met my favourite favourite favourite Malaysian actor of all time , Afdlin Shauki. I adore all his work of art since he was half his size! One talented soul *wink*

Our kids took the opportunity to capture some moments with Uncle Afdlin Shauki as well. As for Cikgu Siti's son Afif Halim of Idola Kecil 3  , he used to work with Afdlin in his movie SUMOLAH. My daughter Adrenna on the other hand is like mummy too. She loves watching Afdlin's movies. She simply loves his acting , especially in Baik Punya Cilok!

Our Celebrity Students

Salam all , been a long time since we last updated this blog. Anyways , Alhamdulillah after a year of running the studio , we've managed to execute various vocal jobs with success. Our students grew too.

New pop sensation & song writer recently enrolled as a vocal student with our studio.
Up and coming pop R&B singer is also a vocal student under Cikgu Siti Hajar's supervision. Wait for his entry in our local music industry!

Up and coming actress who made her silver screen debut as a lead actress through the film Mantra. Besides acting Ana Dahlia has a passion for singing and currently taking lessons at the studio.

Currently making waves in her role as Kemboja in TV3's Lagenda series Kemboja Putih. She has few songs recorded for theme songs of film & dramas.

Made her name as an actress in the 80's.....also an ex-wife to famous song composers A.Ali & Nasir P.Ramlee. Kak Jee as we called her , she'll be recording & releasing an album soon and now is getting a personal vocal coaching from her old friend , Cikgu Siti Hajar at the studio.

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